The centre of the KEAC logo is an abstract image of certain elements of the environment (the earth, the sea and the sky), the sources of Inuit traditions. The rippling present in the upper portion of the circle suggests northern lights, an intrinsic symbol of the north, while the horizontal white line through the centre represents snow and ice. This central image is embraced by three human-like forms with outstretched arms. Each form represents one of the three administrative bodies that comprise the KEAC: the Kativik Regional Government, the Government of Québec and the Government of Canada. These human forms evoke the efforts of all to protect the environment in Nunavik and the social aspect of the KEAC’s work. The colour blue in the logo represents the arctic climate that prevails in the region in which the KEAC exercises its mandate. Finally, the blue and white colours of the KEAC logo are similar to those of the logo for the JBNQA, a central element in the history of Nunavik and pursuant to which the KEAC was created.