Land use planning and management

In addition to increasing impacts caused by climate change, Nunavik is subject to intense pressure created by the development of a multitude of activities arising from its population growth, its transportation needs, its immense wealth in natural resources and its hydroelectric potential. Even though land use development planning is a government responsibility, the KEAC believes it is important to develop close collaboration between northern stakeholders, responsible government departments and the region’s residents with a view to the sustainable development of the communities and Nunavik.

Recent Actions

  • Commented on the Kativik component of the Public Land Use Plan (PATP) for the Nord-du-Québec region.
  • Reviewed the MAMH 2023-2027 implementation plan of the national architecture and land use planning policy.
  • Reviewed the Québec government’s 2022-2026 Public Land Use Plan
  • Reviewed draft regulation on sustainable land use for the Kativik region
  • Commented on the draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy for Forest Management
  • Monitoring the implementation of Société du Plan Nord’s Northern Action Plan, 2020-2023
  • Submitted feedback on MAMH’s National Urban and Regional Planning Strategy

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