Although Nunavik is situated north of the boundary for commercial logging determined by the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (forests, wildlife and parks), the region possesses certain timber stands for which permits could be allocated as logging activities move further north in the province. With a view to determining the potential for this type of activity in Nunavik, preliminary evaluations have been undertaken.

General Position

The KEAC is of the opinion that the forests of Nunavik should be recognized for protection. To this end, it encourages improved knowledge of the general state of these forests and the implementation of a sustainable management system to control exploitation of the resource, specifically the creation of a regional forest management plan.

Draft Consultation Policy for Sustainable Forest Development and Forest Management Orientations

Under the terms of the Sustainable Forest Development Act, the Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks must prepare a consultation policy on its sustainable forest development and forest management orientations. In a letter sent to the MFFP, the KEAC reiterated its recommendations previously made in 2011 and 2004, mainly that Nunavik must develop its own regional forest management plan and participate actively in integrated land and natural resource planning, and that the Cree, Inuit and Naskapi inhabitants must be consulted on issues related to forest management in the region.

KEAC letter regarding the draft consultation policy (May 2017)

Public Consultation On The Sustainable Development of Forests in Québec

During the 2011 public consultation conducted regarding two fundamental issues under the new forestry regime, i.e. the sustainable management strategy for forests and the guidelines proposed for the future regulation concerning sustainable management of forests, the KEAC submitted a position paper in which it underscored the need to protect tree stands in Nunavik from fire, logging and mining activities, as well as to ensure better integration of Aboriginal communities in management planning.

Position paper on the sustainable management of forests (January 2011)

Québec Public Forests Management Task Force

The KEAC shared its concerns with the Québec public forests management task force regarding the sustainability of regional forest resources, protection of biodiversity in forest environments and improved related knowledge.

Position paper on forests in Nunavik (October 2004)