Climate change


Global warming is placing heavy pressure on Nunavik’s natural and human environments. Its effects raise many health and safety issues for residents. Concerns include the maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure as well as questions about drinking water quality and the practice of traditional hunting, fishing and trapping activities. In this context, the resilience of northern ecosystems and communities is an important issue.

General Position

Given the current and anticipated effects of climate change in the region, the KEAC is working on improving collaboration and knowledge transfer between different northern organizations, various levels of government, and scientific and political actors. To this end, the KEAC continues to stay abreast of new initiatives and transmits its recommendations to the relevant authorities.

Government Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation and Climate Change Action Plan, 2013-2020

The Québec government held consultations as part of its work on a climate change adaptation strategy and the 2013-2020 climate change action plan. The KEAC raised questions about Nunavik’s specific problems and made recommendations on adaptation methods.

Letter regarding the government strategy on climate change adaptation 2013–2020 followed by recommendations concerning the future 2013–2020 action plan on climate change (April 2012)

Climate Change Workshop

In October 2016, the KEAC, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada the Makivik Corporation, the KRG, the Québec research consortium Ouranos, Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada organized a climate change workshop in Kuujjuaq. Following this, a gap analysis report concerning climate change knowledge in Nunavik and Nunatsiavut was prepared by Ouranos.