Due to its geographic location and geological make-up, Nunavik possesses distinct natural regions. In this context, global warming and development projects are exerting pressure on the recovery capabilities of the region’s vegetation and wildlife.

General position

The KEAC considers that Inuit and Naskapi participation in biodiversity files and greater consideration for related traditional Aboriginal knowledge would improve the overall knowledge of biodiversity in the region. Some species are an important source of food for the region’s aboriginal inhabitants and is central to their hunting, fishing and trapping activities.

Conservation in the Plan Nord territory

The KEAC has participated in different stages of consultation regarding the Québec government’s commitment to dedicate, by 2035, 50% of Plan Nord lands for environmental protection and other purposes. Bill 65, Act respecting Natural Heritage Conservation and the Sustainable Development of the Area covered by the Northern Plan embodies this commitment and is the subject of a KEAC position paper focused on ecological planning, protected area, man-made landscape and environmental assessment issues.

Draft strategic plan on biodiversity 2011–2020 – Environment Canada

The KEAC is of the opinion that the draft 2020 biodiversity goals and targets for Canada should propose better protection and conservation for arctic and subarctic regions which include a majority of the country’s waters and lands. It also feels that knowledge acquisition on northern biodiversity should be accelerated and include traditional knowledge.

Letter concerning the draft 2020 biodiversity goals and targets for Canada (January 2013) (French only)

International Scientific Symposium: Planning the Conservation of Québec’s Northern Ecosystems, The Challenge of a Decade

The KEAC is very interested in the ecological planning exercise announced by the MDDELCC. For this reason, a KEAC member officially attended the symposium held in April 2012. The purpose of the symposium was to establish a common understanding of conservation issues in relation to the implementation of the government commitment to protect 50% of Plan Nord lands.